All the power, in your hand

Dataforce Runabout is a mobile field services application (front end) for Dataforce ASAP, which requires a subscription before you can use this application.

Dataforce ASAP is most appreciated for being a highly flexible and customisable field service solution ideal for businesses that have mobile field workers and require real time data capture without the hassle of paper forms and manual invoicing.

Available on iOS and Android, Dataforce Runabout is the tool your mobile work force will use to capture data such as photos, signatures and other job-related information in the field.

Some of Dataforce Runabout’s key features

  •   • Appointment scheduling
  •   • Customer quoting and invoicing
  •   • Custom forms and emails
  •   • Auditing
  •   • Capture photos, signatures, and job-related data collection

Features also include out of the box support for Australian Energy efficiency schemes including:

  •   • VEU program (Victoria)
  •   • REES scheme (South Australia)
  •   • ESS scheme (New South Wales)
  •   • Configurable to suit other schemes

Features relating to Energy efficiency schemes

  •   • Calculation of certificates
  •   • Calculation of certificate discounts
  •   • Management of certificate submissions and registration
  •   • Creation of data files for submission to certificate authorities
  •   • Customer recommendations

Note: Dataforce Runabout requires a valid subscription to Dataforce ASAP.

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