What is an Application Service Provider?

An Application Service Provider (ASP) is a company that develops and/or hosts a software application which operates in a web browser. This type of application usually runs over the Internet, but may also operate entirely within a local or wide area network. With a browser-based application, users access and share data, often from multiple locations, using a standard web browser (such as Internet Explorer). This avoids the need for software to be installed and maintained on each user's desktop.

(Note: An Application Service Provider (ASP) is not to be confused with Active Server Page (ASP), a type of HTML web page which includes one or more scripts running on a Microsoft server that process information dynamically before displaying the page to the user.)

Is our data secure with Dataforce?

Yes, Dataforce's servers are located in a professionally managed environment with first-class backup routines, regular data integrity checks and comprehensive disaster recovery procedures.

Depending on a client's specific requirements, applications and data may be hosted on one or more of Dataforce's servers, and/or on dedicated hardware which we can supply, set up and manage on the client's premises.

What support is available with Dataforce applications?

Only minimal user training and support is needed with Dataforce web-based applications. Because applications typically run in a web browser and resemble a familiar Windows interface, using them is highly intuitive.

Any new features and bug-fixes, once deployed on the application server(s), are immediately available to all users, eliminating the need to apply software upgrades on multiple deskops.

Even where an application is hosted on the client's premises, most support work can be carried out remotely, enabling us to provide faster response times and to schedule maintenance at times that minimise disruption.

Is our company and client information safe with Dataforce?

All our projects are also covered by a confidentiality agreement which assures the client of appropriate privacy protection where commercially sensitive or personal data are involved.

Similarly our staff and contractors are bound by confidentiality agreements and standards for the protection of client data to which they have access.

Can Dataforce design my website?

Dataforce has extensive experience in building website and e-commerce applications for businesses that require 'smart' websites.

Our core expertise is in application design and programming rather than in graphic design or marketing. However, we have successfully partnered for many projects with web designers who provide the front-end design, while Dataforce concentrates on building backend applications that add value to clients' businesses by enhancing data management.





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